Beware of tech support scams
Beware of Tech Support Scams

Tech support refund scam This article will help you better identify tech support scams and suspicious behavior that someone may use to target you. If you paid for tech support services, and you later get a call about a refund, that call is a scam. Do not give the person any personal or financial information and do not let them connect to your computer.

The refund scam works like this:

After a purchase, someone calls stating that there is a problem with the software or service you purchased, or the caller says the company is going out of business and is giving refunds. The scammer will ask to access your computer to show you these issues. If you give them that kind of access to your computer, then you are going to have a bigger problem that usually involves stolen credentials and usually bank information. Eventually they will ask for your bank or credit card account number or ask for access to your bank account to make a deposit. At this time, they will transfer you to a ‘’manager.’’ They will refund a higher amount than promised. Once they do this, they will tell you that there is no way to reverse the refund and that you need to go to a nearby store and buy either gift cards or merchandise for them or in some cases a huge money transfer to their bank account.

If you get a call like this, hang up, and report it. If you try to get them off the phone, they will use fear tactics to keep you on the call or get angry at you. Just hang up.

What to do & tips to spot suspicious behavior Do not answer telephone numbers you do not know. If you are unsure, hang up and call the number on our website. If you do answer the phone, ask for their phone number and compare it to the number on our website. Scammers will often give fake phone numbers or spoof(copy) real ones. Do not give your banking information. Our agents will never ask you to open your online banking portal while connected and if you start to say your credit card number out loud, the agent should stop you. Our agents are not allowed to take credit card information ever. Do not click on pop-up messages on a computer device that claims it is infected by a virus and at risk of irreversible damage. The only errors that should pop up would be from your anti-virus program which will usually only notify you that you are safe, and the virus has been quarantined. Do not click on links in messages indicating a computer problem. Never purchase expensive software online to fix an alleged virus. Do not trust random phone calls from people claiming to be tech support. Always call tech support on your own. Make sure your computer security software is up to date. Our company Once you buy our tech support, we place a support icon on your desktop. We will not call you for support as you can use this icon to connect directly to our technicians. We will only call you if you ask for us to call. (Our number is always a number that you can call back).

If we ever need to refund you, we may call or send an email, however, we can send the refund directly back to your account, therefore we will never ask for banking or credit card information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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