Beware of tech support scams

Supportnex tech support scam: What to do?

Nowadays it’s hard to know who to trust with all these new scams that come out every day. However, not all tech companies are scammers and we will show you how to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate company and how to see the warning signs.


Tech Support Scams


How to protect yourself from scammers?

Never give access to your computer to anyone before looking them up online and checking reviews. Some scammers pretend to be legitimate companies, however when looking up reviews you will be able to see that they are fake companies with fake websites as you will see a post warning you about them. Reviews will always give you a quick portrait of who is calling so take the time to search you will thank us later.


How to recognize them?

Any reputable company will not ask for your credit card information over the phone, ask you to fill out a form for a refund, message you to give you money, request you to install software to resolve a problem, demand you subscribe for assistance or try to trick you to access your data.


If the scammers got a hold of your computer, shut it down right away and hang up the phone. 



What to do if you gave them access to your computer?

If the scammers got a hold of your computer, shut it down right away and hang up the phone. Call your bank right away and contact us or go to a local tech support shop to ensure that they aren’t still connected to avoid being scammed.


What to look out for?

Signs of them being on your computer could be receiving pop-up messages or if your mouse appears to be moving on its own. Common behavior for a scammer is that they will install unknown software’s as well which can record everything being typed on the keyboard and help them commit fraud, therefore if you believe they had access to your computer check the installed software’s and remove any new unknown software’s to prevent fraud.


What to do if the information has been given to a tech support scammer?

If you suspect that a support scams tech has compromised your personal information/credit card information call your bank right away and ask them to freeze all your accounts to avoid being scammed.

Even if nothing was paid this is still something to report as abuse and a serious security threat to them as they can get access to your bank account and sell your information to other scammer companies.



If you suspect that a support scams tech has compromised your credit card information call your bank right away and ask them to freeze all your accounts.



Who to call if you now have a problem with your computer?

If you believe you were the victim of a scam’s tech support person and want to make sure they are out of your computer for good, call us on our toll-free number that appears on our website and we will remote access your computer and provide you with excellent support services. We answer all calls and make sure all our customers are satisfied before ending the call.


A trustworthy well established technical team

This technical support computer company was created 7 years ago. The original platform idea was to fight against scams with the security of the populations’ data in mind by offering a legitimate service to differ people from the fake businesses by providing a legitimate cost-friendly subscription based on hassle solutions.


Who do they support?

This online computer industry provides technical support services for Microsoft and Apple users and can ensure security on both platforms. Their technicians have great knowledge of both Apple and Microsoft devices so don’t worry they can fix all issues you might have related to your computer devices.



SupportNex could have started a physical store but decided to be an entirely online business company and create a website in order to cater to a wider demographic and provide a more personal type of support.


Is Supportnex untrustworthy?

They are a well-known business that provides online technical support services. They will never pretend or trick you into thinking you have a threat on your device if there isn’t. They will never send you unsolicited emails or messages.


How do they operate?

They will never ask you for your credit card information over the phone. If you are not satisfied with their services they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee which means you can ask for a refund if you didn’t like the experience. They will never send you unsolicited emails or contact you if it wasn’t requested.


A 24/7/365 days a year service from the comfort of your home by connecting remotely

If you experience any issues with your software’s or believe you may have a virus or malware on your computer, you can contact them from anywhere in the world on a 24/7 basis with the toll-free phone number that you can find on their website and they will fix the problem with your computer or software through remote access. They provide free diagnostics as well if there appears to be a problem or malware on your computer.


Where to contact?

You can also get in contact with this customer support team through their chat box that you can find on their site. One of their support agents will get on the chat very quickly and will be able to answer all questions and connect to your computer if needed to resolve any problem with your computer you may have using approved tools.


A Customer Satisfaction Score 80%+

Their tech support services are well known and have a customer satisfaction score of over 80% and a very high first case resolution rate as well. Their tech support team is quick and efficient to solve any and all problems you may experience on your device.



“Contacted SupportNex who instantly carried out full diagnostics and resolved all issues causing the problem working remotely which took several hours. PC is now as quick as when new. Prompt expert and reliable services. All done remotely with no input needed from my end which is perfect for anyone who has limited skills and knowledge.”


Why them?

A quick message to our readers, this support team and their quality expertise is the way to go, it just makes sense. Go over to their support website and chat with their agents for more information on their business.


Online tech support

They provide tech support to clients around the world who need their assistance. They do so by getting access to your computer by connecting virtually over the internet using a secure connection. Therefore, you can get support anywhere anytime, over the phone, or chat directly with the link on their website.

You can visit their support website by clicking this link: where you can see testimonials and good reviews from their happy customers over the years or search them on google.