Beware of tech support scams

Is SupportNex a fraud?

SupportNex is a legitimate technical support team that is associated with the Avanquest software. They provide tech support to clients around the world who need their assistance. They do so by connecting to their computers virtually over the internet using a secure connection. Therefore, you can get support anywhere anytime, over the phone, or chat directly on their website.


SupportNex: a Secure Legitimate Business 

Supportnex online support business was created nearly a decade ago with the security of the population in mind to fight against scams by offering a legitimate service to different people from fake businesses. They provide tech support for Microsoft and Apple users and can ensure security on both platforms.


Their services are also very affordable compared to other businesses who charge their clients by the hour, they provide them with a yearly affordable contract which has a 30-day money guarantee as well to ensure their clients’ satisfaction.


They could have started a physical store but decided to be an entirely online business and create a website in order to cater to a wider demographic and provide a more personal type of support.

Supportnex makes sure you are satisfied with their services before disconnecting from your computer


If you experience any issues with your software or believe you may have a virus or malware on your computer, you can contact Supportnex from anywhere in the world on a 24/7 basis with their toll-free phone number that you can find on their website.


How does the SupportNex Support work?

You can ask Supportnex team any questions you may have and get a free diagnostic by calling them. Do not hesitate to google their site and search for their phone number, the technicians will gladly provide you with a link to access your computer and help you check if there are any problems to report. You can also ask them to install/activate your software. Be reassured that your data will always remain safe with them.

Supportnex clients can see everything that is happening on their computer in real-time


Once Supportnex technicians are connected to your computer they can address any problem you may have in a blink of an eye. You can ask to get a simple computer update, fix a printer issue, solve a software bug, retrieve lost data or a simple routine check-up, and more. You can visit their website for more examples of what they can do.


You can see everything that is happening in real-time and be provided with an update by using the chat box to ask the technicians for details on the work. They will always address all your concerns and ensure that your computer problem is fixed and everything is updated.


Even though they do not have a physical store you can walk into they can go above and beyond to address any problem you report to them.


About SupportNex Reviews


Supportnex tools and resources are intended to assist their clients and fix their problems
  • Who can review Supportnex website?

    Anybody can review the site on multiple review platforms and provide data on what transpired.

  • Where to find Supportnex reviews?

    If you search the company on google you will also see all their positive reviews on the Trust Pilot website from their clients who give details on how they trust the company, that they are safe, and fix the problem at hand as soon as possible for their customers.

  • Where can you find a link to Supportnex website?

    You can visit their website by clicking the following link where you can see testimonials and good reviews from their happy customers over the years. You can also search their company on google for more review sites.

Can you get scammed on SupportNex?

Supportnex mission is to help as many users as possible get rid of any virus or malware problem on their computer and help raise awareness of all these online internet scammers.


This support company will never get in contact with you unless you are already an existing client. They will not send you to a site or send any emails unless you make a purchase as they are a safe company and are there to give you the best service.

Scammers becoming smarter and have more access to public information


Scams were becoming more present on the internet a few years ago with scammers becoming smarter and having more access to public information.

  • What was the scam?

People would report scams on a weekly basis and be flooded with scam links that lead to catching a virus which would push them to generate calls to these scam sites and ask for help, so they decided to take matters into their own hands.

By advertising and providing everyone who would listen with information on how to check for security breaches and show them how to stay safe their online tech team grew.

  • How to detect a scam?

As you know, there are more scam companies than ever before and we will help you identify them. If a company calls you directly they are likely a fraudulent company.

Scammers will also attempt to send you bogus links via email and will most likely be flagged by your antivirus as fake software on your computer.

  • Microsoft certified myth

The Microsoft certification is simply an extra certification that certain technicians decide to acquire like the Apple certifications, however, techs without this certification can also be as qualified to give professional and effective technical support.

Therefore, while not Microsoft certified, they are very tech-savvy and can help you with any program or software by simply being connected to your computer from the comfort of your home.


Why Is SupportNex Trustworthy?

Your information will always be safe with Supportnex professionals as their checkout site is secured and any critical information such as credit card number, phone number, or any contact information you may fill out while processing payment will be handled with care.


If you’re uncertain you can always search for PCI compliance on google where you will find a site that explains how strict their policies are.

As their offices are PCI compliant, you can be 100% sure that you can trust them with your information and give them access to your computer without worrying about the security of your critical data.


In conclusion, they are a trustworthy group but if you’re still on the fence about them you can always search for them online or contact them directly through their website for more information.